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December 3, 2016      Comments Off on Wedding Gown Preservation

You’ve spent countless hours roaming in and out of bridal shops, trying on numerous gowns, and then you finally find the one. Your dream dress: the dress you’ll walk down the aisle in, the dress your mom and dad will give you away in, the dress you’ll say “I do” in. And then before you know it, your wedding day will be over and you’ll be left with this beautiful dress and nowhere to put it. Isn’t it only fair to give your dress the happily-ever-after that it deserves as well?

That is why at The Wedding Dress Shoppe, we offer the service of wedding gown preservations through The Wedding Gown Preservation Co. They are a trusted company who has been doing wedding gown preservations for over 100 years, so we send your dress to them because we believe that your dress is iconic to you. It’s an everlasting memory of your day. Whether you want to save it for your daughter on her wedding day or another family member in the future, preserving your gown is the best way to maintain it’s original color, fabric, and shape. Whatever the reason, your dress is a treasure that you will want to hold on to.

Wedding dress preservation is a special cleaning and packaging technique that ensures that your wedding dress retains its beauty for years to come. However, it is extremely important that you do not procrastinate on the preservation process!

Your dress may have visible stains from food, makeup, or even dirt on the hemline that you will want cleaned. However, there may be many stains that have dried clear and may fool you into thinking your dress is clean. These stains will oxidize over time (react chemically with oxygen) and turn brown which will cause them to be much more difficult to remove later. Even your body perspiration from the heat of the day or dancing your heart out on the dance floor may cause the lining of the dress to turn brittle over time. Needless to say, your dress needs to be cleaned and preserved to keep it in the pristine condition that it’s in on the day of your wedding!

Keeping your gown in it’s plastic gown bag is about the worst thing that you can do to your dress. In the plastic bag, plastic fumes are emitted which will cause your lovely gown to yellow. Even if you take the initiative to get your dress cleaned, it’s imperative that you don’t put it back into the dry-cleaner’s plastic garment bag.

The Wedding Dress Shoppe provides a preservation service so that you can keep your gown in its original condition. Stop in today to get information on how you can keep your gown looking beautiful for a lifetime.