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December 12, 2016      Comments Off on Meet Our Vendors: Port City Shakedown, LLC


Can you describe your business and service that you offer?

Port City Shakedown, LLC is a six-piece party and dance band offering live music entertainment.


How did your business get started?

In 2014, a friend asked if the band I used to play with would be interested in playing at her wedding. At that point, the band I was in was no longer together but I knew this was a great opportunity to put together a “dream-team” band of musicians. From there, I contacted musicians with whom I respected and enjoyed playing with over the years, but most importantly, musicians I knew I could count on.  Unlike bar or club gigs, you can’t show up late or re-do a reception.


Why are you in the wedding industry?

We get to celebrate and play music for couples on one of the most important days of their lives. We help them “kick off their journey together” by doing the very thing we love doing… Playing music.


How long have you and your business been in the area?

We have been in the area since 2014.


What areas do you serve? Are you willing to travel?

We primarily serve Southeastern NC, but we do travel. We’ve played receptions from the Outer Banks down to St. Simon Island in Georgia.


How many weddings per week does your business typically accommodate?

Port City Shakedown, LLC typically accommodates one to two weddings a week.


What sets you apart from other vendors?

We feature both male and female vocals and play everything from Motown to Top 40 dance music. Every DJ, musician, or band in Wilmington can bring something unique to the table, but we pride ourselves on delivering an “all out dance party vibe” for our guests all the while holding ourselves to the highest standards.


Is there a particular wedding that your business has participated in that has moved or inspired you?

We’re fortunate that most couples that hire live music entertainment also happen to be very cool, fun, and down to earth people who know how to have a good time. However if I must give an example, we played a reception at The Pavilions at Angus Barn in Raleigh, NC where the couple came up on stage with us to dance and sing the last few tunes. It was a blast!


Is there a particular instance in which your business’s participation has prevented disaster or made the event particularly magical?

I can think of many receptions held outside and under a tent due to the rain, cold or heat, but once the music starts, everyone tends to let go and get carried away with the celebration.  We’ve even had folks dancing in the rain.


Do you have any advice for couples in the midst of planning?

Hire a wedding planner or, at the very least, a day of planner. Some couples can pull it off by doing it all by themselves but there’s a lot of moving parts that need to happen the day of and it’s nice for us venders to have a someone “directing traffic.”


What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Do what you love and love what you do in life.


If someone is interested in hiring you, what is the best way to contact you?

They can reach us at our website, email us at or call 910-420-4235


Is there anything you’d like to tell me about your business that I haven’t asked?

In addition to us performing at the reception, we also offer services for the ceremony such as pre-recorded music or live music during the service, setting up a microphone and speaker for the officiant, etc. We also offer the ability to add a two-piece horn section (trumpet and saxophone) to the band.