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October 14, 2016      Comments Off on Meet our PARTNERS: Shell Island Resort

If your dream wedding involves being barefoot on the beach with the sand in between your toes, the Shell Island Resort is the ideal place for your wedding. They have a professional caterer and wedding coordinator which will save you the hassle of dealing with that on your big day! With a backdrop of breathtaking scenery and crashing waves, the Shell Island Resort is a perfect way to start your new life together.

Can you describe your business and series that you offer?

Shell Island Resort is a lodging and event facility located on the North End of Wrightsville Beach. We provide one bedroom Oceanfront Suites in addition to our four ballrooms for any size wedding. Enjoy the luxury of having everything provided under one roof; this includes: in-house catering, on-site restaurant that provides room service, an indoor and outdoor pool with a Jacuzzi, complimentary parking, direct beach access, and many customizable wedding packages.


Why are you in the wedding industry?

Due to having an amazing location on Wrightsville Beach, Shell Island Resort is able to offer one of the only Oceanfront Ballrooms in North Carolina as well as many guest rooms available for event room blocks.

How long has your business been in the area?

Shell Island Resort opened in 1986.

What areas do you serve?

We receive brides from all over the United States. The majority of our brides are from other cities in North Carolina; typically they come from the northern states.

How many weddings per week does your business typically accommodate?

During our peak months (April-October) we do around four to five weddings per week. During our off season (November-March) we do about one to two weddings per week.


What do you recommend for couples who are just beginning the planning process?

Shop around; do your research. Have your questions written down to present to the venue once you look over their information.

What is your most popular option or package?

The Beachside Ceremony with the Ocean view Ballroom for the reception is our most popular option.

Is there a particular wedding that your business has participated in that has moved or inspired you?

Yes, my very first bride that I worked with when I first started! Her wedding was this past October and everyone involved in that wedding from both sides of the family were amazing. That planning process and wedding made me remember why I chose this career path in the first place.


Is there a particular instance in which your business’s participation prevented disaster or made the event particularly magical?

When Hurricane Joaquin was being predicted to come to the coast of North Carolina, we had four weddings planned for that weekend. All of the brides and their families were very nervous and were freaking out (for good reason). We reassured them that it would be okay and it would turn out great. We ended up not getting hit with the hurricane itself, but we were hit with flooding and a lot of rain. Even though three out of our four brides couldn’t have their beachside wedding, we moved their ceremonies inside and they told us they were even happier with how it turned out.

Do you have any advice for couples in the midst of planning?

Stay calm. Ask questions whenever you have them! Don’t be afraid to ask for help, whether it’s asking your event planner or even friends and family.


If someone is interested in hiring your business, what is the best way to contact you?

Email is always the best way. However, if people decide to call, we always have someone in the sales office from 9AM-5PM that customers can talk to!