Biggest Bridesmaid Trends 2016-2017

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December 3, 2016      Comments Off on Biggest Bridesmaid Trends 2016-2017

Like wedding gowns, bridal party dresses have trends as well. These are the biggest ones that we will see in the 2016-2017 wedding seasons.



It’s no secret that fashion trends of the past are coming back and we are loving this 1950’s comeback in weddings recently. Tea-length dresses are fun and playful while being sophisticated and very feminine. There are many styles and fabrics that make these types of dresses as unique as the bride herself.

Capped Sleeves


When you want the look of a short-sleeve with the ease and feel of a sleeveless, opt for the capped sleeve. More modest than a sleeveless, it’s a great look for a spring wedding.

Mismatched Dresses


The beauty of mismatched bridal party dresses is that it gives your bridesmaids and best friends some freedom in what they get to wear on your big day. They get to feel confident and love what they are wearing as much as you do. Mismatched dresses lets each bridesmaid find a style that flatters their figure in a way that keeps the color scheme and direction that the bride wants.

Two-Piece Separates


Because sometimes it’s just not realistic to spend hundreds of dollars on a dress that you’re going to wear one time. That’s what’s so great about two-piece separates. Similar to mismatched dresses, it allows the bridesmaid to be confident in what they are wearing because each two-piece outfit is so customizable. But the highlight of separates is that you’re spending money on something that you can actually wear again.



Mixing sequin metallic bridesmaid dresses offers the perfect color palette for any wedding. Go neutral with grey metallic or give your bridesmaids a little glitzy pop with a pink sequin shimmer. The glam from these dresses pair nicely with outdoor greenery providing great photo turnout!