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November 28, 2016      Comments Off on A Love Story: Desirae and Jordan

Venue: The Terraces on Sir Tyler

Caterer: Middle of the Island

Makeup: Vixen Studios, Kristin Wiedemer Frey

Hair: Sage Salon

Cake: Melissa’s Cake Creations, Melissa Ridgeway

Photographer: Michael Escobar Photography

DJ: Craig Galloway

Day of Coordinator: Not Your Grandmother’s Wedding, Chrissy Sailstad

Pastor: Port City Community Church, Hugo Izzo

Dress: For the ceremony, my mother’s Chantilly Lace wedding gown that The Wedding Dress Shoppe altered to make fit me by removing the sleeves and taking out the rust stained back panel for an open back. For the reception, my Anjolique dress from The Wedding Dress Shoppe.

Wedding Bands: Perry’s Emporium


 “That’s when he showed up…”         

He asked what we would like to drink and everyone answered but me. I stared at him with my bold green eyes and my smart mouth opened, “well hey, how are you, and aren’t you supposed to tell us your name?” He perked up with a sly smile and I noticed his crystal clear blue eyes, then he surprised me with his very own smart mouth, “I mean I’m wearing a name tag. Can you read?”

Our check was paid and before we left the table I joked with the roommate telling her she should get his number since she found him to be such eye candy. She giggled and said she couldn’t. She was too nervous so I told her I would get it for her–what a chicken, I thought.

Everyone made their way to the door and I followed rearing the caboose of our train, and of course he was at the door bidding us a goodbye. Abruptly, I stopped in front of him while the others continued to the car. I asked if he had a girlfriend and he beamed pearly whites with the word no and hastily said, “Let me get your number, what’s your name?” So there we were at the doors to Eddie Romanellie’s exchanging numbers- only I really didn’t want his, I was happily attached.

Well, a month later everything changed…

I found myself down and blue because of a recent breakup. Yes, I drunk texted a stranger I met briefly at a restaurant (whose number I got for a friend–she never contacted him so I didn’t feel bad). I’m not sure exactly what I wrote and who knows if it was coherent, but thankfully he had a few too many drinks as well while with family in California and responded gleefully.

Through some texting we discovered that we lived only a few blocks from one another in downtown Wilmington and planned to grab a beer and dollar tacos at Firebelly’s bar when he returned.

“And you guessed it– through the all the calm waters and raging storms– we’ve been together ever since, a love story 7 and a half years in the making.”


The Wedding

Doing the first look with my daddy seeing me in my mom’s gown and hearing him tell me I look so beautiful and that mom was here with me made me cry. That would have to be one of the best parts of my wedding day. All my nerves went away as soon as we arrived at the venue and I could see my husband-to-be waiting at the alter for me, I heard the song my daddy and I were walking down to (One Thousand Years via piano), saw all our loved ones and my handsome Jordan, and the world was almost perfect.

no_0195_desiraejordan no_0331_desiraejordan

My mom wanted to walk me down the aisle with my daddy and I was not a fan of that; I told her you will save daddy’s seat and wait for me at the end of the aisle. Little did I know, Heaven needed her and my lovely mama left this world two months before my wedding day. I was devastated and heartbroken, so many thoughts raced through my mind. We even considered postponing our wedding. But, deep down, I knew how excited my mom was about my wedding. The only wedding dress she ever saw me in was hers because I played dress up in it as a little girl and loved her dress! So I came to The Wedding Dress Shoppe with my mom’s gown in tow, full of tears and needing a miracle. They were sweet; God sent angels and made everything work!!! So my mom did get to walk me down the aisle, sort of. I had her dress!!!


We were an hour late arriving at the venue and that really stressed me out, but Michael, our photographer, said something that helped: you’re the bride, they are going to wait. During the Ceremony, Jordan actually said I do way too early and laughter couldn’t be contained. A great, and one of my favorite photos, was caught by Michael Escobar of this exact moment! We wrote our own vows; it was incredibly special to hear each of us pour out our hearts to one another and adding in a dash of humor for entertainment!


My next favorite moment was dancing with my dancing machine of a daddy; the place went insane!  The reception was a hit, even though a few things never got completed after my mom passed away in August of 2014. For example, the reception seating chart, oh my! I was upset and nervous about that mishap but we just told the DJ to announce to guests to sit wherever they wanted and it worked fine. I also forgot our beautiful cake stand and the cake topper. No one but me knew; as we were going to cut our cake, I felt my face get red as the shock hit me as I saw it sitting there empty. I wanted to kick myself for a split moment but when I realized no one else knew my secret I let it drift out of my mind and came back to “let’s have fun and be in love” mindset.

So everyone ate the good food, drank the tasty drinks and danced the night away!